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Lambayong is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Sultan Kudarat, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 51,192 people in 10,431 households.


General Information
Lambayong (formerly called Mariano Marcos) was created as a municipality and now part of Sultan Kudarat province by virtue of Executive Order No. 543 signed by the late President Elpidio C. Quirino on October 29, 1952. The name Lambayong was changed to Sultan Sa Barongis then under the administration of the undivided Cotabato province by Republic Act No. 2589 in honor of the late Sultan Sa Barongis believed to be the forefather of the Pendatun family, the ruling elite during this On April 29, 1974 upon signing of Presidential Decree No. 339  by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sultan Sa Barongis was changed to Mariano Marcos making it part of Sultan Kudarat province. Lambayong is now the adopted name of the municipality after it was changed from Mariano Marcos for the second time.
Lambayong before its creation as a separate and distinct municipality province of Sultan Kudarat was just a mere sitio called TORRE because of the presence of a Watch Tower during the Spanish period. This served as a guard post to protect the Spaniards from sporadic attacks of the native rebels. When it was created as a town it was popularly known as Lambayong, a violet colored ornamental plant, which was abundantly widespread in the area. In 1952, there was marked influx of Christian settlers from all parts of the country, the Ilocos notably the biggest group, which came from Luzon. It was also during this period that the Alunan Road was constructed linking Cotabato City to General Santos City, which provided the access of the municipality to other flourishing nearby towns and barangays. The migration of the people from Luzon was initially aimed at opening frontiers but it eventually served as practical tool to ease the agrarian crisis nationwide.
Before the coming-in of the Christian settlers, the place was ruled by some Muslim leaders, the northern portion was ruled by Hadji Pasawilan while the southern parts by Hadji Galay that was until October 5, 1952 when new set of official took their oath of office as municipal mayors.

Climate and Rainfall

The municipality has an even distribution of rainfall throughout the year with a monthly average of 126.35 mm. providing sufficient moisture for agriculture.

The municipality of Lambayong has two declared seasons same with other municipalities in Region XII. Usually the dry season starts from the month of January to April and the wet season starts from the month of May to December each year. The temperature is humid during the month of May-September and it decelerated to the month of December.

Languages (Dialects)
The major dialects spoken are Ilocanos,  Maguindanaoan, Muslims, Ilongos, Cebuanos, and Tagalog

Religious sects: 
There are religious groups namely; Roman Catholic, Islam  Protestant,  Iglesia ni Cristo, Methodist, Aglipay, Pentecost SDA

Investment Hubs and Oppurtunities: Huge areas of agricultural and fitted for oil palm, rubber and banana plantation.